Bhutan Photography Workshop: Festivals and Folklore

Bhutan Masked Dancers © Paul A. Teolis

f11project and G Adventures proudly present:

Bhutan Photography Workshop: Festivals and Folklore

Fall 2012 Workshop Details

Few regions of the world can captivate a photographer like Bhutan. Nestled in the mountains, this Himalayan Kingdom has retained much of its charm through its preservation of culture, heritage, dress and folklore.

Religious Festivals are held throughout the year, revolving around the Tibetan Calendar. This workshop is an opportunity to witness and document two local sacred festivals, plus the National Thimpu Teschu in all its grandeur.
Colour, dance, and music will be on display.

This workshop is designed to be both active and fun. Both Louis Au and Paul A. Teolis will be alongside providing daily instructions to help hone technical precision and push one’s creative skills in an exotic environment that will offer multiple opportunities to focus on individual photographic themes. Digital post-production sessions will also be held to aid participants to take control of the digital capture workflow. This workshop is designed for photographers of all levels.

Details to come soon. Please stay tune.


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