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Vaccinium erythrocarpum

Cranberries in a pot

Vaccinium erythrocarpum or Cranberry

In North America, Native Americans were the first to use cranberries as food. Native Americans used cranberries in a variety of foods, especially for pemmican, wound medicine and dye. Calling the red berries Sassamanash, natives may have introduced cranberries to starving English settlers in Massachusetts who incorporated the berries into traditional Thanksgiving feasts. American Revolutionary War veteran Henry Hall is credited as first to farm cranberries in the Cape Cod town of Dennis around 1816. In the 1820s cranberries were shipped to Europe. Cranberries became popular for wild harvesting in the Nordic countries and Russia. In Scotland, the berries were originally wild-harvested but with the loss of suitable habitat, the plants have become so scarce that this is no longer done.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo taken at Wong’s private kitchen.

What’s up?

A pig is any of the animals in the genus Sus, within the Suidae family of even-toed ungulates. Pigs include the domestic pig, its ancestor the wild boar, and several other wild relatives. Pigs are omnivores and are highly social and intelligent animals.

Domesticated pigs are commonly raised as livestock by farmers for meat (generally called pork, hams, gammon or bacon), as well as for leather. Their bristly hairs are also used for brushes. Some breeds of pig, such as the Asian pot-bellied pig, are kept as pets.


I took this a few months ago when I was visiting the market in Pátzcuaro. I was standing there staring at it for a few minutes honestly expecting it to say something to me. The eyeball was so alive. Just weird…

Safe Download Version

From Mac Observer:

If you have installed OSX 10.6 latest Security Update 2011-003, you will get daily safe file updates for Safari to prevent malware (trojan horse) from infecting your system. This is a direct response to the MacDefender malware back in May this year.

Security Preference Pane

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that this works perfectly and you get the latest virus definition every time one is available. Thanks to Adam Christianson from Mac Observer, he had updated Safe Download Version to have the ability to grab the latest definition list directly. This OSX utility also shows you when the definition list was last updated and what version number is installed.

Safe Download Version

Safe Download Version is free and it is available for download on the bottom of TMO page here.

Impact on Japan’s Camera Manufacturers

via Michael R. Tomkins, The Imaging Resource

Last week’s natural disaster in Japan had adversely affected the electronic industry and goods being produced in the country. Home to world’s biggest names in the camera industry, numerous companies have reported injuries to staff and damages to facilities. Some of these companies even halted production temporarily or closing down facilities completely.

Big names like Canon and Nikon have released statements detailing the damages sustained during last week’s disaster. Rolling blackouts is the other huge factor in maintaining normal production. There is no doubt that this is going to affect the overall costs of camera and electronic equipment produced in Japan in the foreseeable future.

Google has set up a Crisis Response’ page for anyone who is either looking for missing persons or making donations.

Brain and mushrooms


The world of vegetable landscape.

Just posted a new gallery on vegetables. I’ve been playing with my Micro Nikkor-60mm shooting various vegetables aiming to define the intricate texture and terrain of natural beauty. It gives you a different perspective when you are up close and personal. Common onion or cabbage can become works of art.

You can check out the gallery here.