Colour in Black and White

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Colour in Black and White

Photography Exhibition by Robert Fisher

September 4th – November 12th, 2011. The Rivoli Lounge
Opening: September 9th, 2012. 7 – 10 PM

My influences come mainly from the traditional art world rather than the world of photography. The use of colour, shape and texture by artists such as Monet, Guillaumin, Thompson, Carmichael, Lismer, Harris, Carr and others as opposed to a strictly realistic approach are what I strive for in my impressionistic photography. The Pointillist style as used by the likes of Seurat and Van Gogh is also a look I try to achieve with the camera. I try to bring this sense of abstraction to other subjects including my architectural abstract photography.

With black &white imagery shades of grey substitute for colour in providing the visual interest to a photo. Highlight and shadow contrast are much more important as these provide the visual cues to lead the viewer from one area of the image to another. My goal is to make a photograph that retains the interest colour through strong highlight/shadow contrast and a full range of grey shades.

In addition to my fine art work, I do freelance PJ work as both a photographer and writer and have had an image chosen for the cover of a national magazine. In my commercial work, I often make use of High Dynamic Range Imagery to create high quality, richly detailed images for my clients.

About this series: Colour in Black and White

A collection of black & white photos that have been converted from colour originals. This confluence of photographic styles is largely a product of the digital photography revolution which gives photographers a broad range of ways to express their artistic vision.

Robert Fisher


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