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The Rivoli Lounge
February 28th – April 30th, 2010

Johan was born and grew up in the Highlands of Scotland. Since 1996 he has been traveling, living in Scotland, Sweden, Canada and England.

He graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2002 (B/A Honours in Fine Art photography) and was awarded with Portrait Photographer for that year. Currently, Johan is working on Photographic Assignments and his own personal work.

He is also the gallery curator and education coordinator at Pikto Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

About this series: Newfoundland

“My images are made in a traditional documentary style. The series of photographs portray raw imagery of places, people and landscapes – often integrating these subjects into one series of work. Although the photographs are not staged, they often have film still qualities that capture the feelings of their surroundings. The aim is to photograph the environment I find myself in without prejudice, creating images that are an honest representation. I hope this approach to photography will create sincere, almost quiet, depictions that illustrate powerful themes of human emotion”.

‘Newfoundland’ is a glimpse into one man’s life. A story, a reflection, a moment.

— Johan Hallberg-Campbell February 2010

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