Reverie: The loving trance

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Reverie: The loving trance

Photography Exhibition by Diana Renelli

March 4th – April 29th, 2012 The Rivoli Lounge
Opening: March 8th, 2012 7 – 10 PM

About this series: Reverie: The loving trance

Reverie: The loving trance is a series of eight images that have been photographed through windows on the streets of Toronto. The idea for the show arose after Diana photographed an iconic 1960s plastic doll through a window on Queen Street West. The image, once processed, appeared haunting and ghostly.

The exhibition focuses on the Jungian concept of conjoining the anima and animus. It also explores the light and shadow aspects of the psyche through dream-like configurations that have appeared to Renelli as she photographs.

“Often it’s just a matter of letting go of the thought process and allowing the creative element to overtake you… and something emerges in a reflection that may not have been there when you first started photographing it,” says Renelli.

This is Diana Renelli’s first exhibition. She works as a portrait photographer in Toronto, where she has lived for the last twenty years.

Diana Renelli

As a photographer, I seek to ignite a connection between myself and the person I’m photographing in a very natural and relaxed way. I have a way of helping people feel comfortable which allows them to feel as though they can be themselves — their essence then naturally emanates allowing me to capture candid fleeting moments you’ll want to keep forever.

I live in Toronto and especially enjoy photographing people in green spaces, their own homes or wherever they feel most comfortable. I use natural light to create mood which give portraits a unique and personal quality.


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