Toronto Zombie Walk 2012










Night Crawl



Red room


Junction Stage

Junction Stage in a Container


Spontaneous staging event at the Junction on a lazy Thanksgiving afternoon. This is what happened when one was not really into stuffing turkey.

Credit: Staged by Diana Renelli.

Junction Triangle

Junction Triangle Pedestrian Bridge


The Wallace Avenue pedestrian bridge was built around 1907 and it connects the neighbourhood to Dundas Street West. You can check out this photo taken in 1916 from the City of Toronto Archives.

‘That Time, That Place’ Opening @ The Rivoli


f11project is proud to present ‘That Time, That Place‘ by Tanja Tiziana at The Rivoli Lounge.

September 30th – December 1st, 2012.

Opening: October 4th, 2012. 7-10 PM

About this series: That Time, That Place

This exhibition features select photographs from two recent series: Buzzing Lights: The Fading Neon Landscape in North America and The Last Summer at Coney Island.

Mixed in with key images from those collections are snapshots taken while driving, dancing and dreaming between destinations. Together, they are a portrait of the disappearing face of our cities; a song for ghosts that lingered long enough to be captured by this wandering photographer.