Photo Exhibits: f11project shares the passion for photography and assists talented emerging photographers to showcase their work at The Rivoli Lounge.

Consultation & Training: Expert training is also available for individuals and small groups in capture technology and workflow. Advanced level of fluency with the industry’s leading digital imaging and capture software which specializes in raw file workflow. Training can also be highly customized to fit individual needs.

Workshops: Photo expeditions to exotic locales.

< Bio >

Louis Au is a Toronto-based photographer who has been immersed in the professional photographic industry for over 20 years. As an ardent educator, Louis provides digital photography training here and abroad. He is also a year-round instructor for Pikto’s photographic workshops based in Toronto’s Distillery District.

Louis is passionate about seeing the culturally diverse world through the lens of his camera. He embraces both the traditional art form of black & white photography and the modern technology of capturing images in bits & bytes. Even with the rapid advance of technology, Louis believes that the most important aspect of this creative process has not changed. It is always about “capturing” the moment, regardless of the medium.

In May 2009, Louis founded f11project to assist talented emerging photographers to exhibit their work in downtown Toronto. Organizing photography workshops to exotic locales is also part of the agenda. From time to time, f11project presents artist talks on their photographic projects and share their unique creative experience.

Louis splits his busy schedule between his family, teaching private and public workshops, looking after a technical department at Masterfile Corporation and taking pictures. His secret method of keeping sanity is a daily dose of jazz.